Can't Post Photos - HELP

(Pino Pino) #1

I have always had some trouble posting photos and occasionally had to copy the entire text of a blog, dump the whole thing and repost to get photos to upload - but it has been getting gradually worse and today has been complete loss… The upload bar across the top of photos just never stops and my blog won’t post… I’ve seen several posts in the forum about this problem but I usually try again later in the day and all goes well… I have tried several times allowing extensive wait times to upload - very frustrating… I kind of have to be in the moment to write and post and this has been kind of mood killing… any idea why this happens and how to prevent it? Thanks.

(Russell Smith) #2

I know when it wont upload a photo for me I delete (remove) the photo and reupload it then it usually works.

(Pino Pino) #3

I keep trying that with no success… each time some photos upload and others don’t - if I start over it is different photos that have the problem… I’ll try again later today and see… thanks…