Captions and Contact form

(Stefan Puffer) #1

I’m having a number of issues and I’m posting here because each time I try to use the “contact us” form I get an error saying that a field is required although I’ve completed all of the displayed fields. That’s one issue.

The second issue is that my captions are not being saved when I publish a new blog post. After publishing the captions do not appear and I have to edit the blog post and add the captions again. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Berckmans Peter) #2

With the captions I have the same problem. I just write the comments under the photo. The contact form I never used.

(Russell Smith) #3

@canon6d I think you maybe the best one to help with this .

(Piotr Matura) #4

I also noticed problems with captions and editor overall. Not very annoying, but they are there.
With captions, I think sometimes happens after adding / removing photos in between the already added ones (missing captions after saving; and on one occasion - one caption was missing, and one was moved to the next photo insted of the one I added).
Also, sometimes editor acts weird - I had edit prompt at the very end of long post and tried to remove some words with Backspace key. Nothing happend, but then I noticed that it was removing content higher in the post.

I think I will be best to mention @canon6d here, so he could look into this :wink:

(Martina Wunsch) #5

I have a similar problem with captions (but that usually is fixed easily so not too bad). Also just tried to use the contact form and it doesn’t work.
Who runs this site? I wouldn’t complain if it was free, but some support would be nice for a paid site. I would have chosen something else if I had known that there is no customer support.