Captions not showing

(Nick Ambrose) #1

Why don’t captions show on the post. I’ve added captions to all my photos twice then republished and they don’t show. It’s very annoying :frowning:

(Berckmans Peter) #2

I have the same problem, it is already an old problem. That is one for admin

(Nick Ambrose) #3

I have noticed that it saves some of the captions but not others. I have started to put the caption under the frame where it says caption. I have done this on all the captions so they look right but now the captions that are there won’t delete so on some photos I have two of the same caption in different typeface.

(Gary Luker) #4

I now ignore the captions box under the photo, and I just add text below the picture. It seems to work so far, but I have the same issue with the captions box.

(Abigail Gossage) #5

I have given up on the captions and use regular text. Glad to see I am not alone in my misery!

(Sherry Hill) #6

for me it’s hit & miss… i just EDIT and add it back in… for some reason, i like the captions.