Choosing a cover photo

(Rachele Schneekloth) #1

Hello Photoblog community! I am new to Photoblog as of March and I am so happy to be here. I am learning so much from all of you! I have a question about creating a cover photo. Usually I am posting my photos from the day/event in order, and the first photo in the sequence is the photo people see in the blog. This is fine with me most of the time. But I am seeing an option for “cover photo” where you can choose a photo to appear first. I did successfully do this in one post, but have not been successful since. Are there any tricks or tips that I should know about in order to be able to do this if I wish? Thank you so much.

(Francis Parker) #2

When you are editing your post, if you click on the photo a box will appear above the photo with the option to set this as the cover photo for that post. You can always go to your post and edit an older post and change the cover photo the same way.

(Piotr B) #3

Hi Rachele,

Use the „edit” function of your post and click on „COVER”. Save your change and check the look of your blog entry. If the cover picture did not change, repeat edit operation. It takes me three to four attempts sometimes but, at the end it always works.

Best regards, Piotr.

(Sybil) #4

thanks, this is very useful information! I can't wait to be able to use it in practice.

(Jamshed Iqbal) #5

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