Code of Conduct

(Ram Ya) #1

The PhotoBlog community is a friendly bunch and we expect our members to be the same.

Here are some of our community rules so we can all play nicely. For a detailed FAQ/Guidelines please refer to this post

  1. Be kind and welcoming (Say hello to newcomers here).

  2. Encourage others & let yourself be encouraged.

  3. Try new things! Don’t be afraid to learn new photography or writing skills.

  4. Everyone here is a teacher and a learner. Share what you know.

  5. Don’t be a jerk. Everyone knows it’s never cool to make someone feel bad.

  6. Give credit to your peers when you use their advice or reference their work.

  7. Don’t try to sell products or services (No spam please)

Should PB have a single photo uploader function?
(Stephen Hawking) #2

Thanks for such type of tips, I haven’t seen such type of admin who gives these tips to their members. This forum seems to be different and hope to see more people join this for their questions to be answered.

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