Comment revoved by admin?

(Andi Saw) #1

It was brought to my attention many of my comments were deleted by “The Administration”
I’d love to know WHY

I never treated anyone poorly, and I say “F**k” only under my own posts.
I’m sure 100% I was not inappropriate, because I know I can be rude (Not intentionally autistic rudeness), and I’m very careful about what I write.
So, if it’s a matter of space on the server, ok… well, not ok, but let’s pretend it’s ok…
If it was because of something I’ve done, I need an explenation ASAP.

Does this happened to anyone else?

(Berckmans Peter) #2

It says deleted by admin. It are comments you gave to other posts. So many of your comments are gone from my posts.

(Jay Boggess) #3

Andi, it was your comments and replies that were removed from my posts on my blog,
It said your “comments removed by administration”…
I see the same thing has happened to Peter…
I can’t imagine why???
Anyone have any ideas???

(Andi Saw) #4

OOPS… I did not understand! :slight_smile:
Thanks for expaining it to me, JAY :heart:
I correct the topic right away!

Anyway, it’s unfair!
I’m almost always appropriate… almost… always! :blush:

(Andi Saw) #5

Only MY comments??? Nobody else’s?

(Berckmans Peter) #6

Yes my dear ,only you. Who did you make angry?

(Andi Saw) #7

Maybe it was when I asked why Photoblog took away 19 euros from my card without an email, a message or a reminder???
Because I cannot think about anything else.
And I still think it was a LEGITIMATE question.

Do you remember if I wrote something inappropriate to you? Was I rude?
God I’m so careful 24/7 not to be…

(Andi Saw) #8

I checked Antonio’s page.
ADMIN deleted my comments about the mad cow following Tony and his friends.
I’M SUPER SURE it was funny and Antonio did not say I was inapproprite.

Now I’m really getting pissed off.

And shocked too…
How is it possible someone has the time to review ALL my comments, leaving some and deleting others???

Why deleting normal, nice, funny comments???

This is insane.

've never been “kicked out” before.

(Sherry Hill) #9

yeah Andi, so far, just your comments have been removed from our comments section… and it bothers me, because i value what you and others have to say…

(Andi Saw) #10

Thank you sweetheart.

There must be a mistake somewhere…
I mean, it’s impossible an adult human being removes my comments for no reason. One by one.

But I truly want to know WHY, and WHY ME.
Then, I want my comments back
Because it’s HOURS of my life, and efforts on many levels (Language first) STOLEN…

Like I’m one of those cyberbullies banned from Twitter or Facebook.

(Jay Boggess) #11

Has anyone brought this matter to Ram;s attention??? After all, he is the administrator…right???
Andi, do you know how to send Ram a message about this? If Ram didn’t do this, and I’m sure he wouldn’t without contacting you first, he needs to know who is impersonating him…right??? I’m not sure of how to get a message to him directly, are you??? Keep us posted! Good luck!!!

(Berckmans Peter) #12

No your comments are always open, honest and sometimes upfront but never negative or insulting. I think they can only be removed on administrator level,because it is on several different bloggers. I can only remove comments from ny blog and not from somebody else. Try to contact Ram.

(Andi Saw) #13

Thank you Peter.
The most important thing to be, right now, is I’ve never offended you. :slight_smile:

(Andi Saw) #14

Honey, I’m writing a post about it.
There are not many people on the Forum, so I make it public, and if someone has the answer, I’ll be there reading it :slight_smile:

(Berckmans Peter) #15

If you had,you would have known it very quickly.:blue_heart:

(Ram Ya) #16

Posted a reply here
I will copy paste below as well.

Hello, @andisaw I have not deleted any comments since 2 years (that was when we had spam attacks). So perhaps this has to do with our Akismet automatic comment flagging system.

I went through the logs and it seems some/most of your comments were deleted by this Akismet bot
For example,

Looking deeper into this issue, it seems 95% of all the comments removed by this bot are from you. I am really not sure what is going on here but thanks for bringing this to my attention. I am really worried about disabling this Akismet spambot (this is the same spam checker used by Wordpress) because I know what that will do to the comment sections of this site :pensive:. I hope I can find a solution while keeping this bot on.

I shall dig further next week when I get a bit better from the flu I am having. Thanks again for reporting this.

(Andi Saw) #17

OMG, you’re sick and you had to reply in 2 different places… Now I feel horrible.
I’m sorry I freaked out here.
I was so confused… Not angry… just confused… Well, angry too, but not at you…
I knew it was impossible you spent weeks deleting 1 year of comments :slight_smile:
Ok, stop reading this … go to bed, and get well! Go, GO!