Comments Turned OFF without my permission

(Steveandjustyna Nomads) #1

Hello Fellow Photobloggers!

I’ve been a member of this platform for over 8 years and this happened to me for the very first time.
I noticed (I guess a day after I uploaded the post on Photoblog) that my “Comment section” is Turned OFF. If I turned it off myself, it was totally by accident. Now I’ve been searching for a setting that will allow me to turn the comments ON and I cannot find the right setting.

Does anyone have an idea how to turn comments back on?

I sure would like to hear (read) from other Photobloggers what do they think about my post…

Hopefully the answer is simple!

All the Best and Happy Shooting! :slight_smile:

(Steveandjustyna Nomads) #2

Just found the answer to my own question.
My comment section is back on! Hurrah!

(Thomas Thompson) #3

I think you can turn it back on your self. Go to Settings, then click the tab Notifications scroll down to Allow Commenting, its almost to the bottom Hope that helps