Do you have tips to share?

(Helen Hooker) #1

This week I’ll be writing an article for the Photoblog learning pages containing lots of simple handy tips for folks wanting to take better photos - that’s all of us really, isn’t it?!

If you’ve got some great tips you’d like to share, please drop a comment here and I’ll include as many as I can. I’ll be writing my article up on Wednesday afternoon so best be quick! :slight_smile:

(Russell Smith) #2

Do not be afraid of screwing up while learning . I find it important to screw up a shot figure out how to not screw up the image the same way and take it again. When I am out of ideas as to why the image does not work I ask those that I trust to give me their honest (sometimes brutal) feedback and the caveat is they have to suggest how to do it differently. This is one thing that works for me. Now if I could figure out how to deal with successful images. (I have a fear of success to some extent) .

(Can G) #3

A very useful and basic tip - especially for taking photos during travelling: Take your time before you shoot. Think about what you actually want to display on the image you are about to take, and what kind of message or emotion you want to transport with it instead of just snapping a frame.

This tip sounds dead simple, but actually is very hard to implement - I’m still struggling with it! :slight_smile:

(Russell Smith) #4

Great tip this is something I struggled with in relation to Food/Still life and from time to time I still struggle with.

(Helen Hooker) #5

@russsmith & @kurzvorzwoelf Thank you both for these ideas - both excellent ones I might not have thought of. They’ll definitely be going into my list!

(Malisa Jason) #6

A great tip is follow top photographers and create something unique by getting inspired by their idea.