Dragging photos into a different order?

(Helen Hooker) #1

I was just wondering if anyone is able to drag and drop their photos into a different order when creating a new post? I was able to do it a few weeks ago if I reduced the size of the screen to make the pictures appear smaller. However, recently it has stopped working in Chrome and I was wondering if anyone was able to do this in other browsers. @canon6d can you offer any advice on this?

(Ram Ya) #2

Helen, do you mean in the editor or forum? in the editor, we disabled it temporarily since it affected another function. We will enable this with our next update. Thanks.

(Helen Hooker) #3

I meant in the editor. Looking forward to the next update - sounds like it’ll have some useful additions.

(Sydney Solomon) #4

Hi Helen,
I am having problems with Chrome…see my header www.photoblog.com/zayde1940 the admin is trying to rectify this.
I expressed an issue, with the posting of photos, which does not allow the photographer, to arrange the photos in the grouping in which they would like. There are options on which you can arrange your photos in a specific order, however when you return later to the site it defaults back to a defaulted predetermined order.
Technically I don’t think it is a major adjustment to the coding.

(Gerry Walker) #5

Hi Ram. Is it possible to change / alter the order of photos

(Ram Ya) #6

Hey Gerry,

Yes, you can drag and change the order of photos within the editor.

(Gerry Walker) #7

Hi Ram

Thanks for that. After many attempts I finally managed to move some photos. I am using a Mac and safari. It is very, very precise - to the point of being difficult - as there is only one tiny area on the screen that allows the placement of the re-order. There is no scrolling up or down the page. It can be done but not an easy option. For example: if there are 10 photos in the story - and I wish to move photo #9 to position #3. I can only move it one position at a time . . . . #8 then #7 to #6 etc

Perhaps I am doing something incorrect. If you could advise


(Ram Ya) #8

Hey Gerry,

At the moment drag and drop is a bit slow process, specially considering we display large images in our editor. I will think of some js solution where users could be more precise and fast in their ordering.

Thanks for the feedback.