Embed youtube to blog

(Jennifer Raknerud) #1

I wonder if it is possible to embed a youtube video to a blog post? That could be a fun way to add music to a story. Music along with photography seems to be a universal language. Anyways, I thought that would be really neat!!

(Russell Smith) #2

I do not think there is a way to embed youtube or vimeo . I know Angil will include a link to a music video in some of his posts. I have the habit of doing a quick scan of the images to get to the link and then open the link play the video and read the post.

(Ram Ya) #3

@raknerud it is not yet possible to embed videos. I am planning to get this feature working in our next release.

(Jennifer Raknerud) #4

Thank you, Ram Ya!! I can’t wait for that feature!! Have a great Friday!!