EXIF data displayed

(Brian Searwar) #1

Some of my images have a little drop down for the EXIF information and others don’t. I don’t see anyway I can turn this on or off. How do we control the visibility of EXIF data for our images?

(Constantin Stephan) #2

I am quite new to photoblog, so not an expert at all - but since you have not yet got any answer, here is my feedback. I don’t think you can turn the EXIF information on or off, it is just there if the image uploaded bears this information. The EXIF information gets lost when I edit an image with a photo editor. So just cropping an image and saving the edited version leads to loss of the EXIF information.

Hallo, rest of the community, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

(Brian Searwar) #3

Depending on your photo editor, you may be able to retain some of the metadata of the file such as shutter speed, copyright info, and so on. I use PS and I deliberately choose to remove the data except my name from the data stamped on the image. However, anyone with sufficient tools and knowledge could probably still extract it. If you want to keep the EXIF data on a photo that you upload, I suggest you check the settings of your editor to make sure they are kept.