Extended theme for 6th May

(Helen Hooker) #1

Hello everyone,

I’m so sorry to let’s you all down, but please could we continue last week’s blue theme for a second week? I’ve been travelling for work (and will now be away from home until Saturday 18th May) and, despite my best efforts, I’m afraid I haven’t had time to put together a new theme for this week. Many apologies for this, but we’ll be back in business next Monday.

Why not look at it as a chance to find another fresh pic for the blue theme - there’s no reason why you can’t enter a second one if you’d like to!

(Kenny H) #2

One of my favorite shots.


(Helen Hooker) #3

Great selection Ken. Please could you all pop further entries for the blue theme over on the original theme thread here: Weekly theme 6th May 2019 - Blue . Otherwise the voting gets very complicated!

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #4

(Olga Helys) #5

Weekly theme 13th May 2019 BLUE


(Lakshmi Bhat) #6

Tiny and so beautiful.

(Lakshmi Bhat) #7

(Akash P S) #8

The Blue Sky!