Favorites vs. likes

(Becky Brannon) #1

strong textit seems whether I “like” something or fav something with a star they all go to the Curated section.
This makes no sense! I do not want my section with my favs to be clutter with everything I liked. I might like something just as acknowledgment that I took time to view your work, but putting into my favs should be an honor.
This discourages me from wanting to like someone’s photo and creates even less feeling of community. : (

(Berckmans Peter) #2

I think you have a point here,there should be a folder with , my fav,or we could create different folders where we can collect photos and invite members to tribute and discuss. Good pointm

(Russell Smith) #3

@canon6d is this a bug because I know in the past favorites were the only thing to go to the curated section . I just checked my curated section and both post that I have liked and individual images that I have stared are in it.

(Ram Ya) #4

Yes, I think we should only curate the favs. I will update this feature in our next release.
Thanks for the feedback everyone!