Fill me in please?

(Chossid) #1

Some of you still remember me – due to incredible changes in our lives over the past 5 years, I’ve posted very sporadically, but will try to get back on the wagon :wink:

We still cannot backpost like we did “in the old days?”

How many posts can I schedule in advance? It didn’t want to accept the dates I wanted.


(Kenny H) #2

Not sure, but welcome back!

(Chossid) #3

Thanks! Glad to be here! :slight_smile:

(Björn Roose) #4

Couldn’t say about the scheduling of posts (tried it once, but couldn’t figure out about the time zone - mine is completely different from USA ones -, so didn’t do that anymore). I just save as draft (no limits there for as far as I know) and publish when I feel like it.

(Ram Ya) #5

@chossid welcome back!

You can schedule any number of posts (no limit there). Scheduler works for both future and past dates. So you can choose a past date like before if you need.

If you get any errors, can you please let me know the date you are selecting and the error msg (if any)? That would help a lot to debug.


(Chossid) #6

Thank you so much for that info about scheduling back. Will try it.