For Film Photographers- Fake Film

(Russell Smith) #1

Be aware there is some fake Fujifilm film floating around . While it is Japan that it is circulating with ebay and what not it is a case you may see it .
Here is a bit more info on it

(Piotr Matura) #2

Thank you for sharing this information Russell. I suspect I have very slim chances to encounter this film in Poland, but it may save our other fellow film shooters from trouble.

I must admit that from the first look there something off with these canisters, weird layout, typography and colours. Then I checked for the symbol 250D and it is Fujifilm Eterna movie film. It uses the same color scheme as these fake canisters.

It may be that some cunning etrepreneur from China tried repacking original Fujifilm movie stock. That itself isn’t a bad idea. Cinestill does it with Kodak movie film stock and that works well for them. But this one should not try to steal Fujifilm logo to save on marketing expenses and they should very clearly state on the package that it needs totally different developing process. Otherwise it’s just a fake with potential to waste people’s money and photos.