From Photo to Painting

(Sydney Solomon) #1

Does anyone have photos that they would like to share with me, so I can create paintings of your photos.
I am now doing paintings from some photographers on this blog, but I am looking for new resources, my prefer ones are selfies or portraits, that, however I do all kinds…my work can be seen here

As always I give credit to the photoblogger, and generally post their URL as well.
Thanks in advance.

(Carl Mcpherson) #2

If you’re looking for some new material I’d be happy for you to use some of my photos if there your kind of thing. I recently did some portraiture at a 1940s war event

(Pete Fitzgetald) #3

I just took a look at your work, you are very talented indeed

(Sydney Solomon) #4

Hi Carl…I clicked on the link you provided and got this…" Sorry, this page no longer exists
If you think this is a mistake, contact us." I guess PB has not cleaned up their mess yet. Carl, as I mentioned my preference is doing portrait paintings, and caricature style, but for sure I would like to see your collection, I am sure we can find some interesting photos to paint.

(Sydney Solomon) #5

Thank you fitzy1, I give it my best shot each and every time.