Guide to Post Processing

(Sayan Bera) #1


I am kind of new to photography. Recently learned how pictures differ in post processing. I take pics in NEF raw format. I’m find difficulty in editing those. I’m kind of using gimp + ucdraw, few internet blogs and gimp tutorial.
Can you suggest some useful and good tutorials for post processing of landscapes, nature, sun-sky and portrait photography and good open-source photo editing software.


(Antonio Gil) #2

I use Topaz. It’s not free but it is very cheap and amazing. You can buy just want you want from all the offer they have. I use Clarity, deNoise, Lens effect and Adjust.

(Loren Knoppi) #3

I am using Paintshop Pro’s Photography Effects software and “attempting” to use Lightroom (I am really cursing at it, screaming at it, throwing my hands up in the air at) and then going right back to Paintshop Pro Photography Effects.

There are so many programs out there to use - which is one thing that I truly enjoy about photography. That we can all find things that work for us which may be different for others