Has this Platform been abandoned by its Administration?

(Mike Dickinson) #1

Since subscribing to Photoblog I have discovered a number of anomalies with the platform and I have made a number of suggestions to them to improve it. You can see them following.

  1. Option to use a different style font when editing my Blog
  2. Option to ‘Justify’ Text when editing my Blog
  3. Including URLs that become Live when the viewer selects them from my Blog. I know this facility is available but unfortunately it doesn’t work. The URL takes on the appearance of being live, underlined and in red, but when clicking on it in my blog the link is broken. If, however, you copy the link and post it in your browser it will work. You should also have the IMac configuration shortcuts as well as the WIndows OS. I did figure out these for myself, using the ‘Command’ key instead of the ‘CNTRL’ but it would be expedient for you to include them for mac users. Many Photographers prefer to use the Apple iMac system
  4. The facility to drag a Photo from my files straight in to my Blog. Instead of having to follow through the Folder - File - Image route. This is a common place facility in Facebook and other Image upload platforms.
  5. The facility that allows me to edit any errors in comments I have made for other subscribers. This doesn’t appear to be available.
  6. When I enter any of the Blog Stories I have created, other viewers comments aren’t there to be seen. I only know of them when I receive an email notification of a comment or Starred image.
  7. In the Blog, the Title and description would be better immediately below the Image and the Exif below that. Rather than the way you have it at present, with the Exif below the image followed by the Title below that.
  8. The limit for Blog Titles to 25 characters is much too restrictive! Why such a limit!

The frustrating issue is, not receiving any response whatsoever from the administration. Quite the opposite from Flickr, who generally respond within 24 hours. Though I reiterate, I do like this platform as it suits my needs and would be brilliant if the facilities I have mentioned were available and those that aren’t working are repaired! Right now it feels like the Marie Celeste, completely abandoned.

I imagine, those of you who have been with PhotoBlog longer than I, will themselves have suggestions for the platform but as to whether there is an admin listening is anyone’s guess.

Unless I receive a response I will be looking for an alternative platform to share my images and commentary. And that would be a shame for me and I am sure for the viewers.

(Craig Casterline) #2

At this point, Ram, the only admin, has basically abondoned the platform. He does a little here and there to maintain it, but he does not respond to any communication. I have tried to contact him several times in a variety of ways and have not had any response. Those of us who stay, do so because we like the platform which is unique.