Has this Platform been abandoned by its Administration?

(Thomas Thompson) #42

What a strange number!! Thats all

(Camellia Staab) #43

I would say there are more than 21 active on this blog. Not sure the accuracy of all the numbers.

(Berckmans Peter) #44

You can see this numbers ,when you open the forum menu and select users. They seem correct. But there are more users.

(Berckmans Peter) #45

I have checked it for a year from july to july. Abd that where around 60 active user

(Gethin Thomas) #46

My advice is check your settings and billing section. Delete your automatic payment and your credit card details. We do not know who is in charge of the store. If nothing else it may illicit some sort of response from someone. If 600,000 people are on automatic renew, that is 12 million dollars a year.

(Brokenland Photography) #47

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(Nancy Andrea D) #48

I am sorry to say that I am not really on your wave-length about sending an email to [email protected]… because basically PB meet my needs - to be able to post any amount of photos, no ads, laid back approach and the price suits my budget. I have been on 500px, IG, YouPic and the dead, gone forever G+. Why I left those sites apart from the dead, gone over G+ was the like for likes and the demonic chasing to be seen - ha! I am but only a human. Of course I would like my photos to be like by many in PB, but is NOT the most important. The sincere interaction when given / written make me feel good and desire to work better for the next posting. Everyone’s photos that I have liked or commented in PB are something - may I humbly say - within my reach and I get inspiration from their post. Sometimes I find myself ‘travelling’ with their posts. For all these and other positive stuff, I am satisfied. Yes, there are some annoying hiccups here and there but it gets sorted out; yes, I wish there is more participation … etc … PB may need an improvement or tweaking but honestly speaking, I am satisfied. I think I am getting old … Please accept my apologies if I have angered you but as this is a discussion, it is good to hear all sides.

(Brokenland Photography) #49

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(Camellia Staab) #50

I am 100% with Nancy in her thoughts and views of this place. I feel Nancy has spoken very clearly for me as well, hence not going to repeat. Whatever your motivations are @brokenland they are not the same for me, so I too will pass on emailing anyone in regards to this site. I will also add that I get rather weary of someone walking into this forum, after as you say many years of not being around, not actually introducing themselves, just giving a vague answer as to who they are, and then pushing their agenda. Saying things like “you must be old school or old fashion because you’re not willing to start something new”, seems a little harsh. I also don’t understand your comment " I did what I could yet I have few aces up my sleeves if push comes to shove. I just see others not willing to take the plunge to create a new site or go somewhere else." What push? What shove? The way I see it you are the one pushing and shoving. You want to create a new site or go somewhere else, go for it. But stop trying to push your agenda.

(Gethin Thomas) #51

Well said Nancy. Never be afraid to voice your opinion because usually you find many who agree with you. I love PB and hope it survives, but at the same time I feel safer with my credit card details removed, I am paid up for another year. Let’s hope someone in a position to save it sees it’s potential.

(Brokenland Photography) #52

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(John Durham) #53

Nancy, I agree with your sentiments about the value of PB, especially compared to other sites. I looked at many others before choosing PB, and would not have felt comfortable with what I perceived as arrogance and condescension from many of the users of those sites. Here, there is great acceptance and celebration of even those of us who are rather simple in our vision or execution.

Being comparatively new to the site, compared to most of you, I’m not as versed in the struggles of the administration of it. I do want to see it continue, but I am very skeptical of sudden, unknown attempts to “help” from someone with no traceable history. I have heard the murmurs of concern for a some time now, which is why I have backed up my site, and all attached followers and following, several times. I don’t want to lose the sense of community. But thanks to many of you, especially Peter, we have a least Friends of PB. Perhaps it can morph into something larger.

I’m not as concerned as Gethin about my credit card info since I’ve set my account with PayPal, though anyone who thinks their information is safe in any forum on the Internet is a little naive, as we have seen some times recently. I have done a little research ( the scientist in me can’t help it) and looked at the profiles of over two dozen users listed in the forum. After the usual suspects, those of us who frequently post, those profiles are empty. Zip, zero, zed. I have had likes recently from profiles that, when I look to see what they have posted, shows now posts or profile info. My surmise (doesn’t rised to the level of a hypothesis yet) is that the overwhelming number of “users” are blank profiles. If it would be worthwhile, I would be willing to undertake the mindnumbing and buttbreaking task of doing a deeper look at this. Can’t believe I just said that - but I did.

Anyway, that’s my two bits. Thanks to everyone for caring and for supporting PB.

(Gethin Thomas) #54

I don’t use Paypal so don’t know how it works. Do your payments just go out or do you have to make a transaction yourself? With a lodged credit card like mine was and which just had the annual membership taken out with no notice given to me, as far as I can tell there is nothing stopping someone just taking a thousand bucks instead of twenty, I may be wrong. Is Paypal different to that?

(John Durham) #55

PayPal issues your payee a unique transaction number every time - they never see the card you have on file with PayPal. When the transaction is initiated, whether one-time or recurring, you have to authorize PayPal to release the funds and they send you an acknowledgement of the transaction. You can also, as with your card, dispute and stop payments. I’ve used them for years and never had an issue (knock on wood).

(Gethin Thomas) #56

The trouble is, this is what we know about you.

(John Durham) #57

Also, he has no other presence, that I can find (and I’m pretty good at searching) anywhere currently

(Lee Santiva) #58

Hi John, how did you perform the backup? I‘m particularly interested in how you did it for the items others had posted either your likes or favorites? Thanks

(Lee Santiva) #59

On photoblog.com there‘s the promise which was very reassuring to me when I signed up:

„We promise that your life’s memories will stay online forever on our platform.„

(John Durham) #60

Hi Lee,
I use HTTrack, a website copier that downloads a website to a local directory, including links, for offline viewing.
It’s not easy to use - I’m still working out the kinks for complete offline capture (in case of lose of the PB URL). I know of the PB promise, but I always want back ups. Right now, it’s not complete and seamless, so I have some work to do and there are other open source tools available as well. I’ll let you know how this is going as I make better progress.

(Brokenland Photography) #61

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