Has this Platform been abandoned by its Administration?

(Gethin Thomas) #62

So just to be clear. You want to buy the company but you won’t invest 20 bucks on a membership enabling you to post. That makes perfect sense. Now I understand.

(Brokenland Photography) #63

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(Amy Caldwell) #64

I agree with you also, Nancy. PB suits my needs. I enjoy photography as a hobby only. I like to share my photos with others and a little story along with them sometimes. Those who appreciate them makes comments as they see fit. Fine with me. I don’t know of another site to do this with. I don’t have a pro account, I’m not active in the forum, and I don’t use PB for photo storage.

(Amy Caldwell) #65

I don’t understand why you are saying there is a fee to post. I don’t have a pro account. I don’t pay a fee and I post pictures.

(Thomas Thompson) #66

Well said Camellia I have not said too much to brokenland because I have posted to his comments and I get no answers Not going to post to someone who only has their agenda and when anyone ealse says anything they are wrong of old fashioned

(Brokenland Photography) #67

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(Brokenland Photography) #68

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(Berckmans Peter) #69

Did anyone know that pb has a shop. Here is the link. shop.photoblog.com
Strange that it is made this year and nowhere it is mentioned on the blog or the learning zone.

(Gethin Thomas) #70

Anyone know why this thread still seems to be active but is not visible on the forum? To see it I had to click on my avatar where it is still showing.

(Camellia Staab) #71

Gethin I think the issue is on your part, because it has been active and visible for me all along.

(Thomas Thompson) #72

And now I dont see them its like they poofed

(Lee Santiva) #73

Interesting! No, I never knew about a store

(Berckmans Peter) #74

Nobody did know about the shop

(Chuck Staruch) #75

That might be the only alternative if that does happen. A FB private group might be the way to go.

(Thomas Thompson) #76

Weird did not know about a store learn something new everyday

(Abigail Gossage) #77

I also am paid up for the year and have removed my credit card info. Let the cards fall where they may…

(John Durham) #78

I removed my card info and have been, within the last 30 minutes, reverted to a “Basic” membership and not allowed to post without converting to a “Pro” account. Funny thing was, I was paid up until April of 2022. Wonder what’s up with that?

(K A Metcalfe) #79

I also removed my auto repeat payment just after my trial. I was then put back to basic, and couldn’t post anything. I clicked to rejoin was immediately reinstated…then two weeks later another payment was taken. I have lodged a complaint with paypal…but I can’t imagine it will be resolved as the links to this site on paypal no longer work. If I can’t get a response, paypal won’t either I imagine!

(Berckmans Peter) #80

Sad to hear. Many things are just not adding up nomore

(Lee Santiva) #81

Thanks for posting your experience. I have a similar situation - paid up until April 2022 - now I‘ll wait. I‘m optimistic that we might have a solution until next year