How could I improve this photo

(Ram Ya) #1

I am interested in knowing how I could improve this photo. Placement of subjects, lighting, focus, black and white edit… Feel free to address any or all points.

I took this photo as part of the weekly theme submission (Street Photography).

Thanks in advance.

(Giancarlo Fosci) #2

The my little opinion the pianist, the first subject, I can tray to place a little to dx
Beautiful street view

(Toastervan) #3

In my opinion, I would achieve a better angle of approach… Perhaps one from more behind and lower at the piano player… The fellow in the center is a big distraction and should be removed.

The scene seems to busy… What should have happen is the lone musician sitting at the piano… with the street view in the back ground… would have raised the question “why is he sitting in the middle of the road playing music”… without any close distractions behind him…

(Ram Ya) #4

Did you mean the pianist could be placed more into the frame? I had the same feeling too… I think it happened because I was trying to get both pianist and the sitter without moving myself. I should have moved to the left in this case.

Thanks, Giancarlo.

(Ram Ya) #5

Yes! A guy playing the piano in the middle of the street with his back to the frame would be very thought provoking! Should’ve tried this.

(Ivan Steenkamp) #6

I think to improve this good photo and make it better, you could step back a few paces and show a bit more of the scene. Maybe even add a subtle vignette directing the eye to him. Keep it B & W, and you could use the free Silver Efex Pro (2?) from google, the plugin for Lightroom and Photoshop. Try different angles too! :wink:

(Nick Perkins) #7

For me, I’d have taken a couple steps to the left and altered my subject so the focus rested on the gentleman sat in the background on the right enjoying the music. I’d have used the out-of-focus pianist & piano in the foreground to frame the image on the left & bottom edges.

One thing I’ve learnt making pictures of musicians, is to capture the people enjoying the music as well. Musicians are passionate about their art, but fans/audience members can often show an almost primal appreciation that can manifest in some really powerful emotions.

(Ram Ya) #8

Thanks, Ivan. You are right, I think subjects this close to the edge is not very visually pleasing and leave the viewer with many questions. Good point. Btw, I am a big fan of the Silver Effex Pro LR plugin. If I recall correctly, I used it for this image.

(Ram Ya) #9

Thanks @herrfledermaus. Capturing the listeners would certainly give more perspective.

Someone suggested that I take a photo of the pianist from behind while showing the road. I went back to my LR catalog and noticed this photo.

(Nick Perkins) #10

Wow, this is a great shot @canon6d

It works much better in colour and from this lower angle & viewpoint. The lack of visible audience makes it a lot more surreal/abstract.

(Ram Ya) #11

Thanks for the kind words, Nick.

(Becky Brannon) #12

I would lighten the shadows a little bit, I feel that dark shadow is pulling the attention of my eye a little too much.

(Phillip Ziegler) #13

For me the first question is always “What is this photographer telling me or inviting me to notice?” So to offer critique that might be helpful could you tell me what you intended so I can see if your intention matches the effect the image had on me. So rather than a suggestion based on my ideas I am curious what it was that motived you to photograph this situation and what specifically did you want us (your viewers) to notice/feel/experience when seeing it? I would love to hear your thoughts about this question. And just for the record I like the photo because of the levels of things going on and a kind of mystery to the situation.

(Ram Ya) #14

Hi Philip, Welcome to the forum!
Glad you asked me this question. I am learning to ask myself similar questions before I start clicking the shutter button. I think doing so will give my photos a clear subject, purpose, or a message that I am trying to convey to the viewer.

If I recall, in this particular scene, I wanted to show the viewer this unusual piano player in the middle of the street during rush hour. I also wanted to add the sky scrappers in the background to magnify the effect. However, I could not move too far back to show more of the street lines or the buildings because there were a bunch of people surrounding the pianist.

(Breanna) #15

I agree with @hoosieratheart – I would lighten the shadows. However, that is just my personal taste on editing. I do think the maroon piano sets the scene for a wonderful color palette, but the rest of the photo seems blue. With lighter shadows I think it would balance the warms and cools, a little better.

(Breanna) #16

oops, that critique reply was supposed to go to the photo with just the player and the maroon piano…my bad! newbie here