How do you create engaging photo stories?

(Ram Ya) #1

Hundreds of photo stories are being told every day here on PhotoBlog. I think most of us attempt to tell photo stories in our blog posts. I would like to share with you a great article from our official blog about how to create engaging photo stories.

Part one of the article discusses the important of Discovery & Planning for creating a photo story. In part two we discuss Shooting Techniques. If you are interested in creating engaging stories, I highly recommend these two articles.

I created a photo story of my visit to Mout Fuji yesterday. I went back to the article and added this image today after reading these tips. I think this shot introduce motions to my story and make it more interesting.

Do you have other tips that help you create engaging photo stories?
If you know anyone who loves to tell photo stories, please be kind to share these articles with them.

(Sybil) #2

Amazing tips, thanks! You inspire me to make new masterpieces!