Inappropriate conentent

(Deli Tlb) #1

Hello all,

I have visited PhotoBlog after a long time to catch up with what’s happening and I am shocked to a new user who posts ridiculously inappropriate content.
I’d like to know is there a way to stop seeing posts from a particular user? if yes, tell me how please. Thank you

(Berckmans Peter) #2

Normally you can block or report a user. When on that users his or her page,next to the follow button there is a dropdown screen ,their you find block and report user.

(Sherry Hill) #3

yeah , for some reason he decided to follow only me and before he got to harassing me too bad, i blocked & reported him… i don’t have time for such ridiculousness …

(Deli Tlb) #4

I can’t see his posts anymore. I guess his account is already deleted… hopefully!