Intro and image quality question

(Michael Mclaren) #1

Hi guys, i am from Scotland and im slowly working my way through a load of photos i took this winter. I have a question regarding image quality on this platform. After i have uploaded a photo and published it the quality appears to be slightly fuzzy and out of focus. I edit from RAW images in Affinity and save as high quality JPEGs which are directly uploaded to this platform.

CAn anyone have a quick look and tell me if they are seeing what i am please. I see no way of adjusting anything when i upload but if there are better ways of doing it i would love to know.

Regards all :wink:

(Russell Smith) #2

Generally I export at either 1980 pixels on the long edge I have exported at full rez and uploaded. I have not payed attention to if there is a difference in the quality after any compression is done to the image in the uploading process. I did look at a few of your images. The quality does seem good. I do have a question in your processing are you using any sharpening as part of your process?

(Michael Mclaren) #3

Hey Russell, i apply a bit of sharpening but im still getting the hang of affinity at the moment and may not be applying it properly. Any advice is welcome :slight_smile:

(Berckmans Peter) #4

You can open your photo in the blog by tapping on the photo. The that opens will look better. Or when you upload a photo you can choose full on the bar above the photo uploading. Gives you a much bigget size

(Brian Searwar) #5

I had a look and they look fine. I use LR and some PS and save as high-quality JPEG also. I think some of mine are even less than the 1980 on the long side that someone else mentioned and I have had no issues. That being said, have a look at mine, and compare with yours and others. Yes, perhaps you could sharpen a bit but I don’t know anything about the Affinity software and how it sharpens images.