July 17th Weekly Theme - Transport

(Russell Smith) #21

Transport of man and food. I saw a boat on the horizon . The specs in the sky told me it was a shrimp boat . I waited until it came closer . I snapped a few frames . Then I saw the smaller boat out of the corner of my eye. Small channel marker and the boat give context to the size of the shrimp boat whos name is Miss Hope. I knew when I made the image I wanted to do the post processing in black and white or more correctly sepia type tones .

(Berckmans Peter) #22

This is one of the oldest still running geartrains in Europe. It is called the Drachenfelsbahn and is located in Koningswinter Germany. It brings you up the mountain to two castles and saves your legs a fix climb.It started running in 1883 and still going strong.

(Chweeleng) #23

While strolling along the Bedok Reservoir in Singapore, I came across these canoes. I was attracted by the stillness of the scene and couldn’t resist a shot with my phone camera.

(Chweeleng) #24

nice…kinda funny :smile:

(Ram Ya) #25

Love how those clouds formed above the canoes.
one :heart: from me :slight_smile:

(Berckmans Peter) #26

This one I took last year during our familyvisit to Thailand, it is one of the ferry’s going between Ban Phe and the island Koh Samet. I don’t know how old these boats are but they get filled up with people and away they go. We had some rough sea when we came back, quite a bumpy ride:grin:

(Lisa Britton) #27

Good Old John Deer in a local Holiday parade.

(Lisa Britton) #28

The Union Pacific made history providing transportation across the US in the early 1900’s and is still going strong today.

(Lisa Britton) #29

(Helen Hooker) #30

I’m a bit late to the party with my own entry but I finally found a suitable opportunity for a transport photo on the tube in London last night. Our tube was delayed so I nipped over to the opposite platform to catch the ones going in the other direction!

(Michelle Keena) #31

Just got a new wide angle lens attachment…woohoo and was out having fun in my proverbial “backyard”.

(Lakshmi Bhat) #32

It is our monsoon season, we had just returned home and had yet to park our car in the garage. It started pouring :slight_smile:

(Sven Kutscher) #34

(Helen Hooker) #35

Morning all!

I’m ready to post the theme for this week but can’t create a new post here at the moment. I’m sure it’s just a temporary glitch so I’ll be onto it as soon as Ram is able to fix the bug!

(Lisa Britton) #36

Can we make sure that people post only one photo per post. Difficult to vote foe a photo if there is more than 1 photo posted. - just a suggestion.

(Helen Hooker) #37

That’s a good idea Lisa - I’ll add it to the standard text I include in each theme.

(Lisa Britton) #38

Great - I think it will make it easier for everyone, and for voting. So happy the weekly theme is back. Thank you

(Ram Ya) #39

Yes, I agree. It is difficult to vote if the entry has multiple photos.
@girafferacing Thanks, Helen. So, we should allow multiple posts from same user but only one photo per reply, right?

(Helen Hooker) #40

I think that sounds sensible :blush:

(Diksha Passi) #41

I love reading this community and I keep a track on previously done challenges, I do share late but the fact that I explored unknowingly exactly same the challenges which were live up here.

a little bus stand down the flyover near my house