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(Nicole Bausman) #1

Hello all,
I am looking to buy a new laptop for photography. I want it to be able to support anything I might need for a photography business. If you have any suggestion to point me in the right direction please comment.

(Berckmans Peter) #2

Hey Nicole

I would check out apple, When it comes to graghics, video etc they are up there with the best. Not cheap but very fast.

(Nicole Bausman) #3

Yea I have been looking at Dell xps 15 and MSI I will look into Apple as well. There are just so many options…
Thanks Peter

(Ram Ya) #4

I would suggest a laptop with an SSD hard drive and a separate/dedicated graphics card so that you can do file-read/write and graphics rendering faster. I bought a Surface book pro from Microsoft and it has been good so far. I think I overpaid for the brand though, a Dell laptop with same specs goes for much less.

(Helen Hooker) #5

I’m following this thread with interest as my laptop is getting elderly and I’m just starting to think about replacing it…

Last time I bought a gaming laptop because it had the performance I required for photography and it’s served me well, keeping much of its speed . I agree with Ram about having an SSD as my current machine has a hybrid SSD/spinning disc set up. That makes it much quicker to boot up and helps performance generally. The only down side of the one I have now is the size - it’s enormous and heavy! I’ve been looking at the Microsoft Surface Laptops but the price put me off.

My current machine is a Novatech, Not a well known brand, but I chose them because they were local to where I was living at the time (they’re based in Portsmouth in the UK) and I knew I only had a 30 minute drive to take it back if I needed anything fixing. I can’t fault their service and the computer itself has been fault free too so I’d recommend them again.

(Berckmans Peter) #6

Personally I am not a fan of apple,but my daughter is. she needs it for art studies and her school is all fitted out with apple. They all have ssd drive and the latest type of screen, they are very fast, have the latest usb connectioport ( forgot the name ). but the price is skyhigh.Best thing they are only about 1.5cm when they are closed and service from apple is good.

(Aniket Pant) #7

Hi. I use a Lenovo laptop with 256g SSD. I can easily use both Lightroom and cs6 for edits on the fly. I store the negatives on a USB stick and hard drive

(Russell Smith) #8

Also One thing not mentioned is the ram . I would suggest 16 gigs or more 8 is a bare minimum. The SSD is quicker and I have a smaller one but I move the photos on and off of the drive as needed . If I am editing they live on the SSD then they move to a storage drive to rest. If you get a dedicated GPU then I would suggest if you use adobe to look on their site for specific cards and see if there are any features that the card does not support .Also pick the best cpu you can afford because that can determine some of the speed of the processing . I know personally I use a desktop for 99% of my editing the other 1% is split between a laptop and a cell phone. I use a desktop because it is easier for me to change parts out and upgrade as necessary . Look at accessories you will need like a dongle for this or that or will your printer work with the operating system.

(Nicole Bausman) #9

I have been leaning towards getting a good desktop after spending too much time digging into laptops and desktops. I have just started looking into printers and will double check that they are compatible. Thank you for your thoughts

(Bella Dayne) #10

When choosing the best laptops for photographers, don’t just consider the ones with the best processor, the best graphics card, and the fastest RAM. It’s vital for photographers to have a seamless creative workflow, after all. And, for that, it takes more than sheer power.

  • Gigabyte Aero 17 (2021)
  • Dell XPS 15 (2020)
  • Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition (2020)

I recommend anything from the above because they have the best specs that can fulfilll your photography desires.

(Bella Dayne) #11

Sounds good. What kind of printer are you looking for? I have a good knowledge about them!