Linking to a previous post at a specific part of the page

(Xavier Villà Aguilar) #1

Hello there!

I’m fairly new in the Photoblog platform but I try to publish threads in my travel story quite regularly.

It is encouraged in the guidance that posts are linked to earlier publications when appropriate - but I was wondering if it was possible that the link takes people to a specific section of that post?

For example, many times there are internal links that end in http:/ and when you click on it it takes you to the header “Whatever” within Post 1. Is it possible to do this with the current Photoblog platform? Is this a feature that it’s considered to be added at some point?

Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

(Russell Smith) #2

For an internal link highlight the word you want say whatever post then in the menu there chain or figure 8 looking icon. Click that and post the link to the post that you want the link to take you to.

(Xavier Villà Aguilar) #3

Hi @russsmith, thanks for your prompt reply.

I may not have explained myself well enough. What I meant is that, for example, I have written Post 1 which is quite lengthy and therefore has subsections.

When I am writing Post 2, I want to refer to a specific section of Post 1. Therefore I need to create an internal link to that earlier post, but the way you have described it’ll just show me the very top of Post 1.

My question is whether it is possible to make the link show to the viewer the specific section of the earlier post I want them to see and not have to scroll down looking for the section that I was referring to.



(Ram Ya) #4

@villa_aguilar at the moment there is no option to create anchor texts within a URL/post. I think this is what you are referring to?

(Xavier Villà Aguilar) #5

Hi @canon6d! Yes, I think that might be it. Well I’d recommend that this feature is added on a future update of the platform, it’d get post-linking much more interactive and user-friendly!