Livening Things Up

(Craig Casterline) #1

I have been enjoying my time (1 week) here on PhotoBlog, but I was wondering if there was a way to liven things up a little. I notice that many good posts get a lot of view, but very few likes (less than 5%) and there is some interaction between members (and so far I have greatly enjoyed the interaction I have had), but it there could be more. So, how could we get something more going maybe to attract more members or get more members to actively participate?

I noticed that there is a weekly challenge thread that has lain dormant for quite some time. Would it be possible to revive that? Something that may not involve a 365-day commitment but could encourage people to stretch their skills or challenge them to get out and shoot?

Being new here, I don’t know the possibilities, but I know I am willing to get involved to increase the activity of this site.


(Berckmans Peter) #2

The weekly challenge was done by Helen Hooker. But has stopped because there where not enougj entries. I would like a weekly of monthly challenge again. Likes and comments could be more active. But that is up to the members them selves. Many of us would like to see pb go forward, sadly it seems to have been stuck. Still new members come and that is a good thing. Admin said the site was making no profit and running costs are high.I would not mind paying a bit more.

(Craig Casterline) #3

I would be willing to as well. It is a good platform and I don’t want to see it flounder. I’ve plugged it a few times myself already.

(Camellia Staab) #4

Craig, Ram has been AWOL for at least nine months. His last entry was on the Photoblog/Learn site. While he goes by the name Ram Ya, I believe his actual name is Ramesh Yahathugoda and he is from Toronto. Sadly he has lost interest in keeping this site going/promoting. There is really no other site (that I am aware of) like Photoblog, hence I am personally disappointed that he is not willing to keep it going. I know, just like Peter has mentioned, he at one time said that this place is costing him quite a bit to run. But by the same token I do know that there are some people who are interested in managing/helping run this place. I wish he would at least respond to emails or private msgs on here and give those who have been around here for a while, some clue as to his involvement.

(Craig Casterline) #5

Thanks, Camellia. I personally would love to get involved and help with the site. It would be great if we could get a new admin team, but if we can’t contact him we can’t get control of the site transferred. That is a pity, because it would be nice to be able to make tweaks and to make it more user friendly. Let me know if anything changes.