Location-Location-Location, where you from?

(Pete Fitzgetald) #21

Welcome Finland enjoy the site, it is fun.

(Sherry Hill) #22

i was born and bred on an Indian Reserve in Ontario, Canada… tho, i have finally put down some roots in upstate New York… i live in a valley between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains of Vermont…

(Ines Fabijan) #23

Born in Croatia, Zagreb. Around 12 years was living on a small island Lopud, near Dubrovnik

And now, 4 months ago moved to Asslar, Germany

(Sonia Lamba) #24

I am in sunny California, East Bay…
Haven’t seen the sun in two weeks though… rains through and through…
Became a member here two weeks back…so now is a good time to say hi! :wave:t3:
Love seeing the posts from all over …

(Berckmans Peter) #25

And a big hi to you,enjoy

(Lisa Britton) #26

Welcome - Great site, I am from Southern Sunny California - Palm Springs

(Mika Lardizabal) #27

HI ! i’m new to this site and i am liking it here. I’m from Philippines

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #28

I didn’t realize you are new to this blog, welcome Sonia!

I’m from Minnesota

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #29

Welcome, Mika! You will enjoy this is a really great photo blog site!

(Paul Watson) #30

A small village called Baildon, in Yorkshire, England. Not far (enough) from the two big cities Leeds & Bradford.

(Holly Crocker) #31

I’m from Massachusetts as well. :blush:

(Lisa Britton) #32

Welcome to Photoblog Holly

(Holly Crocker) #33

Thanks I’ve been a member for years actually, I’ve just been on hiatus. :grin:

(Monique Knox) #34

Ello Pete, Living in Washington…FRom Arizona & California

(Traci Gasho) #35

I’m in the Dayton, Ohio area.

(Lisa Britton) #36

Welcome - PB is a great place for photos and friendships

(Lisa Britton) #37

Welcome -PB is a great place for sharing - Palm Springs CA

(Pete Fitzgetald) #38

sounds very nice and your photos show it.

(Pete Fitzgetald) #39

and how is Germany Penny?

(George Kunschman) #40

Howdy from Houston, Texas!