Location-Location-Location, where you from?

(Pete Fitzgetald) #41

Howdy George, Hows Things?

(George Kunschman) #42

Pete, all is well. Got the motivation to start taking pictures and posting again.

(Kenny H) #43

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!

(Deli Tlb) #44

I’m originally from Iran, but I live in Dubai

(Ram Ya) #45

I am from Colombo, Sri Lanka but I call Toronto, Canada my current home.

This may change in the future. I am more of a nature photographer. I can think of many places that would give me more energy than Toronto. However, I do like the people and work energy here.

(Camellia Staab) #46

Looks like we have something in common besides photography @delloosh. I lived in Iran for a while :slight_smile:

(Deli Tlb) #47

oh my god no wayyy!!! This is amazing and I am so excited for some reason :smile: How long did you live there for? @camellia

(Deli Tlb) #48

I have heard A LOT about Sri Lanka and it’s defiantly on my list of places to visit. @canon6d

(Camellia Staab) #49

10 years @delloosh. I went to Iranzamin school :slight_smile:

(Amber Josephine) #50

I’m from Brisbane, Australia

(Anna Molly) #51

Long Island, NY for most of my life. I did live in different parts of CA on and off about 2.5 years. I miss it. Hope everyone is having/had a good day!

(Deli Tlb) #52

that’s really nice and surprising at the same time. I hope you enjoyed your time there :slight_smile: @camellia and I’m gussing you are almost fluent in Farsi then ?!

(Camellia Staab) #53

I can speak and understand…read and write not so much @delloosh

(George Kunschman) #54

I was born and raised on Long Island! South shore, Mastic Beach.

(Anna Molly) #55

Haha yeah I know Mastic Beach, I live in Massapequa, fun fun

(Ram Ya) #56

You should definitely go when you get a chance. The people are super friendly. Living expenses are very low as well. It’s such a small country but packs a lot of culture, heritage, and different sceneries from pristine beaches to mountans.

(Nicole Bausman) #57

Crazy to see where everyone is from :slight_smile: I live in Northern Canada, Fort St, John BC… Not to be confused with St. Johns on the other side of Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

(Maria Cristina Kikumoto) #58

I live from one of Tokyo’s wards in Tokyo-to, Japan.

(Björn Roose) #59

I’m Flemish, so born in Flanders and have always been living there. I grew up near the coast, moved to Brussels, moved back to my region of birth and am now living in a little village about in the middle of the three biggest Flemish cities: Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels.

Saw something about languages popping up in this topic too: my native language is Dutch, but I do speak and write French, German and English (as you can see) too. And I have been following three years of evening courses in … Hungarian. So, I’ve reached the level of a six year old child in that language (it’s a pretty tough one to learn) :grin:

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #60

OmG, Hungarian … After living for an eternity near the border to Hungaria, I still don’t want to say “skoal”. If the pronunciation is not exact, it get a completely (!) different (!) less harmless/friendly meaning … :flushed: