Missing captions

(Helen Hooker) #1

My Dad (@yetloh) and I have found an odd gitch this morning with captions on PB - sometimes they appear on a published post and sometimes they don’t! My Dad’s captions didn’t appear at all when he published a post earlier this morning (www.photoblog.com/yetloh/2020/08/25/red-in-tooth-and-claw/). When I tried making a test post, the caption on my initial photo appeared ok, but when I went back to add another photo with a caption the caption on the new image didn’t appear on the published post.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or found a solution to it? @admin - do you have a solution for this?

(Abigail Gossage) #2

It has been like that for me for years so my captions are now in text. PB is seriously flakely.

(Helen Hooker) #3

I’ve obviously been lucky before as mine usually appear - very odd!

(Heike) #4

I have the same problems since years. I always write the captions, save the draft and log out and log in again. Some are still there, others dissapeared. Than I add the missing ones again, save the draft and log out and log in again. If than are still any missing, I make this procedure as long as all are appearing after a login. It sucks, but sometimes I absolutely want them among the pics, so I grumble and accept that. :slight_smile:

(Sherry Hill) #5

ditto for me… sometimes i have to edit a post 3 times to get the captions right… lately, mine just randomly scramble and end up haphazardly under any photo… so i’ve just accepted, 2 or 3 edits…