My Pro account is limited to the number of posts to 10, Why?

(Nick Ambrose) #1

You have recently upgraded my account back to the Pro level after it was made inactive and thanks for that. However, when I do a post it says I am limited to 10 posts because I need to upgrade. Why is that?

(Nick Ambrose) #2

Good to see my question has been totally ignored :tired_face:

(Berckmans Peter) #3

I know, support seems to be completly gone. Hear nothing nomore from Ram. No new articles or nothing . Hope it changes soon.

(Nick Ambrose) #4

I’ve now gone over to Wordpress Peter. A bit more expensive but it works better and has more functionality. Posting on here only allows me ten photos upload!

(Nick Ambrose) #5

I’ve now put through a dispute claim through Paypal via Transmedia claiming back my subscription amount as I’m not getting the service. They claim I’ve been reinstated but my account still only works on the free version limitations.

(Edoardo Colombo) #6

It’s the same for me. Ten day ago my account has dropped to “Basic” and after several emails I still have no relpy from Photoblog. Hope to get back in “Pro” account soon…