Nationwide PhotoBlogger Guides

(Benjamin Theyr) #1

Had this thought this morning about offering to become a local photo guide for PhotoBlog members. The concept would be that a photo op would be set up within the community and allow members to become guides for the duration of this photo op.

For Instance, Some time next year, we’re willing to take a group of Photobloggers on a 2 week jaunt across America. While in selected states, we’re willing to join up with other photobloggers and explore the area.

Currently we’re in the planing stages of this jaunt and which states we’ll be visiting. However, as a means of security concerns, we ask that only photobloggers from this community take part in this experience. Also, only those whom register with this topic will know the route taken again as a means of security.

So if this sounds like something other photobloggers would like to try, we may need to create a separate thread devoted just to “PhotoBlooger Guides”