Need help getting around here

(Chossid) #1

Need help getting around

1- Where can we view Favorites – those we like and those that others liked of ours?

2- How can we view a post of a given day. I.e. I see on stats a lot of views on a certain day. How can I see what that post was?

3- No way to simply < go back or > go forward to nearby posts like on the old Photoblog?


(Russell Smith) #2

Where can we view Favorites – those we like— Under My Blog there is a heading for Curated this is where the ones you have favored live .
2 I know of no easy way to see that other than make a note of the day and go to the post from that day Say Dec 12 I got 100 views I can go to the post on that day and see what it was.
3 Unfortunately right now there is no easy way to do that.