Need info on printing

(Chossid) #1

Someone saw my work on Facebook and contacted my to show in her center’s gallery. I haven’t printed anything yet. Most of the work is from my iPhone.

What/where/how is the best place to print? I have no idea.

What is the maximum size that will look normal when it’s printed?

If I do work from my camera in the future, will that make it clearer? What settings should I be using?


(Holly Crocker) #2

Printing isn’t as common as it once was. In my portrait work I do get many orders for print. With the lack of local printers available I can share my experience. I tried Walmart because I could pick them up locally and the prints were of poor quality. I bought a fancy Canon printer likely meant for the home hobbyists. It makes nice prints when using premium ink and quality paper. But this comes at a large initial investment. I researched online and tried a few print services and the most reliable for quality product has been Bayphoto. Their prices are reasonable and they ship fast even when choosing standard delivery. I have ordered various print products and canvases that were gorgeous. Once in all the years I’ve used them they sent the wrong wallets for a senior but when I contacted them they rushed the correct item at no charge.
As far as the iPhone photos, they should print even at large print sizes and look nice. The technology has come so far in the phone cameras. I would not be concerned about that. I find for walking around I often fall into the trap myself of leaving my Canon at home and getting beautiful images with my Samsung Galaxy camera. Would I use it for professional portraits? No. But for most other applications such as what you are considering, sure. Good luck and congrats on that opportunity!