New ideas for our stories :)

(Deli Tlb) #1

Hi everyone. My name is Delara, I am a new member of Photoblog and my blog’s name is A Click Of Stories. I spent more time reading and going through other people’s posts rather than posting a lot of stories myself, just to get the feel of this website and the community.

I just admire that fact that you can never get bored here because there are lots of diverse and interesting stories. My question to you is, what is the one topic you wish to read about on someone else’s story? I’m really looking forward to your ideas. you never know maybe we can come up new ideas for our up coming posts right? :yum:

(Berckmans Peter) #2

First travel experience. Can be funny or even dramatic

(Deli Tlb) #3

I agree. I like that idea :+1:

(Ram Ya) #4

I like how you can make up a whole story by concentrating on subjects within a place. It could be as simple as a coffee shop. I am amazed how we can isolate subjects and make a full story out of a place,

(Deli Tlb) #5

I love this! maybe I will give it a try. Thanks

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #6

I like stories, which will develop from a picture and will guide you through a string of thoughts/ideas/experiences.
Sets of pictures in a series of posts, which will tell a longer story - maybe a journey.
Some challenges, set for an own target - for example: 50 faces, 20 bikes, 70 buildings, shooting only monochrome pictures for one month.
I like to read about failures as well as about triumphs - there is much to learn from ups and downs. It’s something special about comparing older pictures with newer pictures (same location/person …).
I learned a lot since I joined Photoblog. Not only about photography but about the many different ways of telling a story with pictures, which are also worth to be told - on a second level - with words.

(Russell Smith) #7

One thing I realized not long ago is my wife, daughter , my sister , and I can all go to the same place and have four completely different experiences at the same time thus making it four separate stories or in the case of my sister and I (who are not linear thinkers ) maybe 3 or 4 a piece depending on the memories the place sparks.

(Deli Tlb) #8

Hey there! Thank you for your comment.
I really love your idea. And yes! I too think stories about failure have so much to teach the readers, they can be so inspiring and are definitely important and worth sharing.
I will try to use this idea in the future and I also hope that others will read your comment and get some ideas as well so that we can read more of such stories :slight_smile:

(Deli Tlb) #9

That’s actually very true! Most of the time it’s not about what you are looking about rather how you look at it and that’s the beauty of it. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile: