New PhotoBlog Community

(Brokenland Photography) #1

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(Berckmans Peter) #2

Am I right to think you have taken over photoblog from Ram or bought it over. And how wil it work only the community or still the blog also.

(In Reach Of The Skies) #3

Can you explain why we would join the new site. Is it just intended to be better than this photoblog site so more appealing or is the existing site going to bite the dust so we have no choice if we want to stay on photoblog

(Thomas Thompson) #4

So did you purchase this site from Ram, and it will just now be the Tribe Photoblog? I am confused because the other day you were posting and saying this site was doomed and there is no owner and no one to contact and its just going to flush on down in the web world of life and now you post boom its going to pe photoblog tribe

(Lee Santiva) #5

I appreciate your pro-activity regarding the future of the photoblog community, however the move to a new platform seems rushed to me. I feel we haven’t exhausted all options to “fix” the administration issue we have with the current Photoblog.

We don’t necessarily need a new technical platform, just new leadership with a robust backup team.

Regarding your proposal:
The Tribe platform seems to offer the technical webpage essentials like composer, analytics, moderation, notifications and so on.

My concerns (not a complete list but so you get the idea)
I didn’t find any information about data privacy protection, intellectual property and copyright protection, image storage and return/deletion of content upon leaving and similar legal aspects.

In addition, I am interested in whether there would be content migration from current Photoblog to the new tribe community you are setting up?

Thus, the question to join you on Tribe seems to me to be a little premature from a timing perspective and considering the number of open questions regarding the new platform.

I can understand urgency in a worst case scenario of domain expiration in June 2022. There would be less than one year to rebuild on a new platform which is not a lot of time if the above-mentioned legal aspects need to be worked out, so I get that.

What is driving your sense of urgency?

Now I don’t want to get myself banned for life for asking a simple question, but it would really help me to overcome my hesitancy if I were to learn your name, country and perhaps a sentence or two about your background before making a decision.

Should you decide not to share this information, it would be valuable to understand your motivation not to do so.

I hope you understand and would be so kind as to respond to my concerns without feeling personally attacked. Trust is a difficult thing to establish in the Internet.

I greatly value the trust I have experienced so far in the current Photoblog community.

(Thomas Thompson) #6

Thank you, You have worded that so right Those are the same things I was thinking about Thanks again

(Brian Searwar) #7

I agree. There are questions to be answered. Will things be simply migrated over if we join? I agree that we don’t necessarily need a new platform outright, just better(and more present) leadership. I have seen several comments recently and in the past about the unknown whereabouts of Ram(whomever that is) and what they/he/it is doing. The same questions apply now for any new leadership, whether it be one person, or a small group, or the entire group as a co-operative.

(Gethin Thomas) #8

Nothing will be migrated anywhere. This is nothing to do with PhotoBlog. This is a hijacking.

(John Durham) #9

Mild words, indeed - I would call it extortion.

(Brokenland Photography) #10

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(John Durham) #11

But, who is “us”? I know who everyone else involved in this discussion. In the immortal words of The Who, “Who Are You?”.

(Gethin Thomas) #12

I know I am picky but if a ship has no captain it is not possible to mutiny. The logical step if lost at sea without a captain is for the crew to man their posts and keep it sailing, you have mistaken that for a mutiny. The real danger at sea is pirates looking for easy pickings.

(Thomas Thompson) #13

But I thought you wrote earlier, That you had a web page called photoblog.tribe? Your words made it sound like you were taking this over because and now you have back paddled again !! Thats why others have so many questions when it comes to you. Because you say one thing than later you say something else. Thats why some are on edge

(Brian Searwar) #14

What happens to those of us and our content if we choose not to or are unable to ‘migrate’ to the new platform? Let’s just say that everything is on the up and up and nobody is trying to extort/mutiny, etc. If someone(obviously none of us in this discussion) has not been reading the blog for weeks(as I myself have done in the past) and then one day they try to login and they get nothing? What does THAT person do? Have they lost their images permanently? What if someone is notified about the new platform but they choose not to join(for whatever reason)? Will there be a grace period for them to get their content before this site goes dark, or gets re-purposed?

(Brokenland Photography) #15

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(Brian Searwar) #16

But you still have not answered the question many of us have asked, “Who are you?” You make a fairly sensible argument as to what may happen in less than a year. You have made an offer that some may or may not like. Fair enough. But questions remain. If you are as generous and pro-active as you claim to be, it should not be a large problem to reveal who you are.

(Brokenland Photography) #17

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(In Reach Of The Skies) #18

Perhaps it’s Harry and Meghan😁

(John Durham) #19

A man drove up in a fancy truck to the kennels of a breeder of redbone hounds, the finest coon dogs on the planet, and said he wished to buy the whole litter. The breeder asked who he was, and the man replied, “I’m big cash money, that’s who and that’s all you need to know”.

The breeder replied, “You don’t even get to look at one until I know who you are, and who your people are, and where you live and how you’ll take care of my prized animals. If you don’t understand that, you have no clue, son.”

The buyer said, “Well, sir, you’ll just have to trust me on this because money talks and bullcrap walks”. “I know,” replied the breeder, “but I hate to clean up the crap after you leave - don’t let the door hit you in the ■■■”.

(Camellia Staab) #20

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