PB now accepting PayPal payments for pro accounts

(Ram Ya) #1

Hello All,

Some members were more comfortable with using the PayPal payment system (we used this in old PB as well). I have just added PayPal to the site. So if you were holding back from upgrading, now would be a good time to upgrade to pro :slight_smile:

Every upgrade counts

At the moment PhotoBlog is not profitable because we do not want to put annoying Ads next to our photos & art. So every pro account helps to keep it running. Please consider upgrading your account to a pro if you can afford it (less than $2 a month). It costs less than the price of a coffee per month.

What do I get from upgrading?

  • No Ads. Ever.
  • 30 images per post
  • Pro badge on your account

Thank you for your support :pray:

p.s. if you have any issues with upgrading or any billing questions, please reply here. I would love to help.

(Ram Ya) #3

(Berckmans Peter) #4

Hey Ram ,I am sure you can put the price a bit up for the pro account. Just look around what it cost on other sites. Maybe consider to limit the free accounts in size of uploading . My hat of to you that you want to keep the advertising away.

(Ram Ya) #5

Hi @peterphotowalks you are right, at the moment there is pretty much no difference between pro vs. free members. I wanted to keep photoblog free accounts attractive because part of PhotoBlog is the community. If there is a paywall not many people will join and our community will suffer.

How should we balance the community growth vs. pro support (for maintaining the site) is the question.

I think in a few months I will introduce a free account type that is able to post 3-4 times a week and have 5 photo limit per post.

What do you all think?

(Berckmans Peter) #6

Hey Ram. Indeed there is to litle diference between free and pro. Maybe you can give the first month full acces and after that month if they stay free they get limited. ( 500px does that ).Maybe exif data only with pro or a limitation with comments. Have to create a bigger dif between pro and free.

(Mafalda Luisi) #7

I agree with you @peterphotowalks and @canon6d , limit on the likes and comments (given and received) if you don’t have a pro account. Also a limit on how many pictures you can post a month /week. A limit on how many a day is difficult because a lot of members only post one picture a day.