PB seems to be down again.....sigh

(Jay Boggess) #1

Looks like PB is down again. I get “Bad Gateway” when I try to respond to posts. I’m getting notifications via email, but when I click “Got to Post” I get the dreaded “Bad Gateway” message…Anyone else getting the same error messages???

(Berckmans Peter) #2

Don’t worry Jay you are not alone. Bad gateway all the time know. Also not get emails. This time I just wait.

(Lisa Britton) #3

same here - I went to post for today and could not get on. Got the 502 Bad Gateway error message. So sad - things seemed to be going so well and now this again,

(Helen Hooker) #4

It’s the same for me - fingers crossed we’re up and running again soon…

(Jay Boggess) #5

I fly to Texas on 7/5/18 & will be pretty “spotty” on PB for a month or so. Hope PB gets back up soon. I’ll try to participate as much as I can, while traveling, but won’t be as dependable as when I’m “off the road”, back home.
Have a great Summer, everyone!
Cheers! Jay

(Lisa Britton) #6

PB seems to be working now - Have a great trip

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #7

OmG - back again (me) and down again (Photoblog) … sigh
I could post today, but now I have to wait for a long time, because it’s very slow.

(Sydney Solomon) #8

Hi Jay…We have the same problem. I send them an email. But, one email is not going to get the admin to fix the problem quickly. I urge everyone with the problem to send the admin an email to the effect.