PC 6/18 - Monochrome

(Craig Casterline) #1

This week the theme is monochrome, however you want to take it. Please upload your entry to this forum. You may also include a brief description if you like. The challenge is open to all members. Thanks to all who entered last week and to all who voted.

One thing I would ask you agree to is this: when you enter, you are committing to return to the challenge blog and vote on the entries. If you have difficulty finding this blog, then please follow it. I will post the voting blog on 6/19 and will put a link to it on the forum as well.

(Gethin Thomas) #2

(Nancy Andrea D) #3

(Olga Helys) #4

A street in Paris may 2021

Covid/(progressive) Reopening of establishments receiving public and activities involving the public.

(Benny Law) #5

Hey Craig, when you copied and pasted the description, you forgot to change the theme. (It still says “Fill the frame” when it should read “Monochrome”.)

(Craig Casterline) #6

Thank you. Got it fixed now.

(In Reach Of The Skies) #7

(Rachele Schneekloth) #8

(Benny Law) #9

A black and white photo in a different sense: A dark-skinned boy with a light-skinned man.
Taken at a Maasai village in Kenya where I was visiting my colleague’s family.

(Kenny H) #10

Street Musician

(John Durham) #11

Thanks, again, Craig, for keeping this going. Sorry I couldn’t get in last week. Much family stuff going on. This, in it’s color form, would have been my entry. Instead, I render it monochrome for this week’s challenge.

(Hem Bhandari) #12

I wish to upload my pictures on " Monochrome". Please confirm whether I can do it.
If Yes then how. My E mail Id is [email protected]
Shall be thankful for your response.

Hem Bhandari

(Craig Casterline) #13

You need to upload your image here. You can’t upload it to the blog directly. I will collect all the photos and upload them together in one blog.

(Camellia Staab) #14

Monochrome is not my go to genre but occasional one has to try.

(Hem Bhandari) #15

Thanks Craig for your response. In the Community Forum, where others have uploaded
their pictures for Theme " Monochrome", I tried to upload my picture at the top, but no sign
of uploading on your site appeared. For uploading picture on one’s blog, the uploading sign
" Camera with circle " appears and after clicking on that sign, the selected picture, gets uploaded.
I tried same way as for picture uploading on the blogs, but could not,for reason explained.

Is there any other methodology for picture uploading in Community Forum, for given theme ??

I know, its a matter of doing it right first time, but for Community Forum picture uploading, I am new,
hence this query.
Could you kindly explain. My E mail Id is [email protected]


(Craig Casterline) #16

You can just email it to me at [email protected]

(Berckmans Peter) #17

(Thomas Thompson) #18

(Oliver Chan) #19

Took this photo at the Barcelona Cathedral, and I gave it a title: Be Still and Know that I am God

(Craig Casterline) #20

Well, this week we have 17 entries, so we really need voters. https://www.photoblog.com/photochallenge/2021/06/19/pc-monochrome-vote/

Please take a look at the photos and vote for the 4 you like best. Voting is open to all. For those of you who entered a photo, please do not vote for your own photo. You may vote simply by putting their numbers at the top of your comment. If you would also like to comment on the photos below your vote, please do. Photographers love to receive compliments on their work.