Personal Projects

(Russell Smith) #1

My first personal photo project was a 365 project that I did in 2017. I knew I wanted a way to document it outside of IG and FB so I looked around and found this lovely site it was the final form for my project. I am about 2/3 done with a 100 days of black and white project and I am thinking about a project for next year/s . Inbetween moving to a new spot and looking at my blog over the last 22 months I realized I love food . It is a passion of mine so I am in the process of turning it into a more indepth project that will cause me to learn more. For those that have done other personal projects did you consider its final form (for lack of better words) before you started? What things did you consider about the project before you started ? How fleshed out was it before you started ?

(Anna Molly) #2

Great question because coming up with ideas on what to shoot was always the hardest part for me. Still is! So there’s times where I just “wing it” & it works just it, sometimes not. But of course shooting something you enjoy/love I feel is always best for a fantastic series because then it means something to you.
In terms of planning, I think that depends on the main subject matter. Like food, for you, whenever you make something, go out to eat, etc, always bring your camera. Other times if it’s a stationary object, (did a series on abandoned buildings) and I would see them write down where they were and go back at night to shoot. I can’t wait to see your series!

(Camellia) #3

@russsmith I don’t think something like a photography project can really start with having the "final form"on hand because it is too much of an “artistic"endeavor and our moods, outlook and ideas change daily when it comes to something 'artistic” I believe if you start your food photography project ( although you have already started and I am one of you biggest fans) you will find that with each posting something new or something different happens that grabs your attention. I have been looking at a ton of food photography blogs mainly to see behind the scenes photos and of course to grab recipes and have noticed that each in its own way is unique yet very much the same. What in my mind sets them apart is the way they take the photos…the angles, the light, the styling… so I in my opinion I don’t think you can have it all “fleshed out” before starting a project in photography.

(Russell Smith) #4

Not having it fleshed out is honestly something I am busy arguing with myself about . I think the main reason is I know I want it to be photos but I also want it to be recipies and stories behind the dish or main star of the dish. Sort of a combo of the social part of food as much as the food. Explore things like comfort food why is comfort food . I know for me if I think of a comfort food it is Black Beans, Yellow Rice and seafood along with Latin/Caribbean flavors. They are soul warming foods because of the memories I associate with them . It is also a project I want to see in print and most likely will span several years . Not so much a photo project as a passion project I would say. I think overall I am not too concerned with the uniqueness of the format because I am me and I will bring my point of view although to be honest I am still working on “my style” .
I know the subject I want to do and the parts of the story I want to tell. I dont know how to narrow it down that will come in time. I know my writing skills is something I want to continue to improve and this project will assist me with that too. Now I am rambling . I guess for me to understand what I am doing I have to view it as a rubics cube where I can look at all sides of it and play with the combos of moves to get what I want it to look like .

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #5

I love your food photography as well as your stories about it. Write from your heart and don’t try to tell all at once. “Go with the flow” and keep all of us curious …