PhotoBlog is dead slow (again)

(Björn Roose) #1

Could anybody please wake up Ram and tell him PhotoBlog has been dead slow for days again ? Regularly having the 502-page (after minutes of waiting).

Can’t even link to a blog anymore from pages like LinkedIn because PhotoBlog is so damn slow LinkedIn doesn’t receive a signal to put up an example of the site.

An ever returning problem with a never happening fix apparently …

(Camellia Staab) #2

I am in the same boat. Very frustrating. Saw Ram’s footprints a few weeks back, but he seems to have disappeared again.:unamused:

(Björn Roose) #3

There should be some decent way to wake this guy up. There’s a community but apparently no one around to fix stuff.

(Berckmans Peter) #4

Have noticed it to. It is already a long time since we heard from Ram.

(Pino Pino) #5

I went in last night and manually downloaded each blog as a locally saved page - not pretty but at least I have backup and it had to be done… the slowness and issues on the site have me concerned about losing my blogs (realizing I should have been saving copies in the first place - which is my fault - though I truly wish there was a way to do a full good backup) and I am looking at other platforms because so many people are having consistent trouble accessing my blog… I really don’t want to leave PhotoBlog but I am at a point where I have to consider other options… it makes me very sad - I will hold in with PhotoBlog as long as I can but…

(Camellia Staab) #6

We have been through this issue several times. We have also looked else where but I personally have not found any other platform that is like Photoblog; where you can post pictures and write articles and make comments as well as having not only a “follow” tab but a “browsing” tab as well. If you come up with something similar to this place please do share @jjpino

(Pino Pino) #7

I do love the platform but am just starting to look as a precaution… ill keep you posted…

(Anley Stedge) #8

I joined today, the site was working at 5 miles a fortnight, but, I agree with Camellia the site is unique.

The problem is simple one, the images sizes are ridiculous, 1000 pics long side @ 200 - 300 kb is ample. Simple apps like Irfan View will do it this side of the site. A simple size reducing algorithm will do it on Rams side. The same thing happened on ArtLimited another unique site. They now reduce to 800px long side and the site speeded up abruptly.

Such is life

Cheers - A

(Pino Pino) #9

Does anyone know how to reach Ram and we could see if he no longer wants to maintain the site if he would be willing to hand it off?

(Berckmans Peter) #10

No idea, try contacting Helen Hooker.