Photoblog PRO Model

(Spade Tai) #1

Hi there,

I am wondering what is different between normal blogger and PRO model blogger???

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #2

Hi Tai,

At the moment only difference is the image limit per post. For free users, it is 10 images per post. For pro users, the limit is 30 images per post. Thanks.

(Spade Tai) #3

Hi Ram,

Thank you so much for your answer. I don’t really know the purpose for this photo blog but I think more functions / designed frames will attract more users to be PRO users. Just an idea :slight_smile:

(Ram Ya) #4

Hi @tai
Thanks for the suggestion. Hopefully in the future we will be able to do custom layouts.
I also hope to do few pro additions in future like, custom domain names and ability to monetize your blog.

Thanks again.

(Sybil) #5

I’m also interested in this. I would like to start my blog about a photo, what can you advise? And I found this article I think it’s so helpful!

(Berckmans Peter) #6

It depends what you want to have. Is it a game of likes and followers or a real interest in photos. I am also on 500px , almost no feedback there and for many there it is only to gather followers; On pb here you can create a community , talk with people and if you want get real feedback. So give me pb;

(Ram Ya) #7

Peter, more and more I am realising the same. PhotoBlog is all about the connections and engagement. I must admit I wasn’t always seeing this, but I am glad the community have kept at it even without me!

To address the Pro model, I am not 100% sure if anyone would ever pay for photo storage anymore (you have IG, Google Photos, Fb… all for free). I think people would still pay a small amount for a blog (hosting, technical upkeep…etc). To that end, we are lacking 2 major blog-features:

  1. Ability for users to monetize their own blog (if they choose to)
  2. Customization of blog layout.

I would be very interested in knowing if these two features are important to members.

(Berckmans Peter) #8

Hey Ram, I slept a night over this. first customnize the blog. Maybe the my blog part, but for me it has to stay a blog and not a mini website. What could get a makeover is the communitypage. Maybe in the style with tiles and make that so members can choose the tiles they feel important for them. Or integrate them in the my blog part .( a dashboard that can be customized )
Making money with your photos, a dreamù of many. I gonna be honest, than the quality of photos has to go up. ( also mine ). Getting published is one of my dreams. Maybe pb can create a shop, where members can upload photos to that can be sold. maybe as greetingcards, prints and maybe some other things, this all through pb ( so you also make some money ).
what I like to see is a place where we can upload a photo for judging by a pro; no price to be won only an opinion from a pro about your work; To give you the pulse to do better; if you want that.
One time I had the idea for an exhibition from pb ( worldwide ), completly new ,not pro’s showcasing their photos but a community telling a story. not seen that yet.
I believe if pb can get out there, it can be big. My daughter said many start on pb but after go elsewhere, many young people scout for blogs to put there pics on and most of them end up on instagram.
In the end I feel we have to concentrate on the photos and the stories, just have to find a way to get them out there.

(Ram Ya) #9

Thanks for the thoughtful comment, Peter.

Currently, we are using two different systems for community and my blog sections. I would love to one day get data from community and display that in an ‘activity area’ in user blogs.

As per selling, yes I agree, the quality would need improvement but we will get there eventually. I think having a system in place for people to sell their photos (if they choose to) would attract more photographers and bloggers too. Maybe we could allow them to display a non-intrusive button where people could download the full-size photo or a print. In case of prints, I would need to think about fulfillment outsourcing as well. I remember in the past (previous owner) had photo buy option. Not sure if anyone used it.

I like your idea of getting a pro photographer involved. Perhaps I can ask few photographers to help Helen with one of her weekly themes. I also want to get members featured in our blog, perhaps as part of Helen’s @girafferacing educational posts. I will reach out to members in the coming weeks about that too.

I will revisit the pro model in the next few weeks. Maybe we should allow more usage for free users to build our community.