Please Read: Important Upcoming PhotoBlog Updates

(Ram Ya) #1

Hello Photo Bloggers,

Update: This update is now released. Please clear your cache if you have any issues with the editor. Please report any bugs below :slight_smile:

We have been working hard on a lot of your suggestions and we are almost ready to show them to you! We are planning to release these updated tomorrow (August 1st, 2017). Here are some of the features of this release.

Post Scheduling - This has been the most requested feature since day 1. I am so happy to finally release it. As we discussed before, this feature allows spammers to abuse the site by hiding their posts from moderators. To prevent that, this will be a Pro feature.

Feed Page - There are so many interactions happening in PhotoBlog but they are currently hidden inside blog posts. This is why we created a feed page to list all those interactions (comments, likes, favorites)

Multi Image Slideshow - This cool new feature allows you to preview all photos inside a post right from the post’s snippet (slideshow).

Multi Image Counter - You can now see how many photos are inside a post from the post’s snippet.

New Publishing Flow - We further simplified our editor by removing publishing fields (tags, categories, draft…etc) from the editor page. They are now located at the top of the editor page. Just click on “Publish” and you can add tags, categories, or schedule your post from there.

Moving to Amazon - Memories and photos are very important to our members. That is why we are moving our site to Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. It will give provide the best security and backups for your photo stories.

Various Improvements - Related to page speed, SEO, bugs, and user experience.

Experimenting with PhotoBlog(Pro) trial accounts:

We think far too many services focus on getting lots of members first, with little or no consideration to how they’ll keep everything running. PhotoBlog is something we’ve wanted for such a long time, and we intend for it to be around for many years. We want to make sure that we’re always able to focus on building the best tool possible instead of figuring out how to keep the lights on. We simply wouldn’t want to use a service that could disappear tomorrow or, worse, shoves ads in our faces.

Moving forward, all new sign-ups will have the chance to try PhotoBlog free of charge for 7 days. After the trial period, it will cost $19.95 per year or less than a cup of coffee per month, to publish. This experiment will not affect free users who have signed up already.

PhotoBlog(Pro) is more than just a subscription fee to us. It’s about PhotoBlog users like you who support us every day. In a world where photos and stories are forgotten in few seconds, you help us preserve the important ones forever! (That’s why you get that Pro badge next to your name - you’re important!)

Thank you all for your feedback. It means a lot to us that you are using PhotoBlog to showcase your photos and stories to the world!

Photoblog down AGAIN
(Helen Hooker) #2

Thanks for all your work on these @canon6d .

I’ve just created my first post since the updates, backdating the publish date to 28th July, when the photos were taken. However, the post still shows as being published on 1st August according to my archive. Did I do something wrong?

One other question - can I return to older posts from the last year and update the publish date to the day the photos were actually taken?

(Stephanie Hyde) #3

I tried to schedule a post and it showed up right away with people viewing it. Is this scheduled feature not working yet? Also, how do I delete a post?

(Camellia Staab) #4

Ram, I am having trouble adding pictures and removing pictures from a post I am working on. Initially, I thought I had exceeded the number of photos allowed in a post, but that is not the case, unless the number allowed has changed? I tried to delete a photo because it was not in the order that I wanted it to be and it will not remove. The system allows me to enlarge or make the photo a regular size, but it does not allow removal or add on.

(Ram Ya) #5

Thanks for the feedback. There are some bugs in the released version because an older version was accidentally pushed to the production server. I will give you all an update here tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.

(Ram Ya) #6

@eshyde I just tested scheduling to a future date on production site and this post is not visible to the feature. It has the status “scheduled” in post manage page as well. Can you please let me know which future date you have selected and the post that is effected by this bug?

@camellia were you able to publish this post? Can you please share with me your browser, number of photos you had on editor, and if you were trying to remove images from ‘Remove’ icon in toolbar or using ‘Delete’ key in keyboard?

As I mentioned in my previous post, this update has some known bugs due to a mistake in the version we pushed to production. I will correct that first and ask for more feedback. Thanks again for all your feedback and patience.

(Camellia Staab) #7

Ram, I tried again right now and it still won’t let me remove or add photos. At the present time I have 16 photos on the post. I believe pros are eligible for 30 photos? I was using the “remove” icon to remove the last photo and replace it with another photo. I am using Chrome as my browser.

(Stephanie Hyde) #8

This post I scheduled for 8/2 but it has 50 views already so I just put a random photo in there since I don’t know how to delete posts. How do you delete a post?

No worries…I expect bugs :slight_smile:

(Stephanie Hyde) #9

I also noticed since the update that anytime I reply to comments on my blog I get a notification in my notifications. Can we go back to the way it was…no need to notify myself of my posts, lol!

(Ram Ya) #10

@camellia Hi Camellia, can you please clear your cache and try again? The editor is based on Javascript and you could have a cached version of it causing this issue.

@eshyde Can you please keep this post for few days until we test it? You can delete it after from post manage page We will also fix the own comment notification issue.

@girafferacing unfortunately once a post is published its time can not be changed. However, you can reschedule an unpublished post.

Please report any more bugs if you find. Thanks, all.

(Ram Ya) #11

@girafferacing Helen, can you please let me know the post that you scheduled to July 28th but posted to August 1st?

(Camellia Staab) #12

I cleared the cache. Went to post added one more picture and tried to add a second picture, but the camera icon would no longer open allowing me to up load. I decided to try posting with Microsoft Edge. I had the same problem except in Microsoft Edge I could add two separate photos and at the third try the camera icon would no longer open.

(Camellia Staab) #13

Just went back to the post and was able to finish it. It allowed me to add the rest of the pictures and everything worked smoothly. So far so good :smile:

(Stephanie Hyde) #14

I tried to schedule another post for 8/4 and again it published immediately.

(Ram Ya) #15

@camellia Camellia, Thanks for confirming. :slight_smile:
@eshyde let me verify if the latest update fixed this issue or not. I know it is fixed on the staging server, perhaps not yet on the live site. Thanks for re-testing!

(Stephanie Hyde) #16

@unicornlover is unable to add photos to a post. I told her to clear the cache is there anything else she can do?

(Ram Ya) #17

I think clearing cache should help fix the image add issue. I think it worked for @camellia.
BTW, just now I scheduled a post and it didn’t post it right away, @eshyde can you please try this again after clearing your cache?

(Helen Hooker) #18

Hi @admin
The post I created yesterday for backdating to 28th July was this one:

Should I have clicked on submit rather than publish?

(Russell Smith) #19

I am loving the update . Using Edge browser today I was able to schedule ( about 20 min ahead of when I created it ) and it successfully posted . I have not seen the multiple image slideshow feature yet but to be honest I have not been looking for it . I also like the upload for the blog it allows me to see how much more of an image has to upload the old one would hang occasionally but I have not had an issue with it so far. Again thank you for all you do .

(Ram Ya) #20

@girafferacing Helen, I think this post was submitted while we had some bugs. When I test a past dated post now it has the correct URL and shows up on the correct month of the archive page. Can you please test again?

@russsmith Thanks for your kind words and suggestions. Yes, Image upload should be faster too because we made it upload few at a time rather than all at once.