Posting Caaptures

(Thomas Thompson) #1

Is Anyone having Issues Posting Captures on their Blog?

(Björn Roose) #2

Hi, Thomas. I think the hole thing is “broken” again. I had prepared a post for today and can’t even see the photos in it anymore. I see somebody else did bother to post a blog this morning and I can’t see the photo in that one either …

(Gethin Thomas) #3

Definitely some image issue. Upload looks normal until complete, when the image disappears. I also am ready to post but cannot.

Seems to have started end of the day on 7th October and all posts from the 8th. Fresh feed is all blank for the most recent posts.

(Amy Caldwell) #4

I can’t even get the icon to upload a photo.

(Thomas Thompson) #5

Gethin Thats what is happening to me as well , all seems ok until you post a picture it seems like it loads then ir does not :frowning: Thanks for responding

(Thomas Thompson) #6

mine semi loads but as soon as its almost compleates it poofs and all I get is a small box :frowning:

(K A Metcalfe) #7

Yes me also. I thought there might have been something at fault my end, but obviously not.

Could this site have been sabotaged in some way? If there are no moderators, who would correct any techie issues?

(Abigail Gossage) #8

My photos disappear as well and I could not change the banner photo.

Farewell to Photoblog???

(Berckmans Peter) #9

I fear this is the case