Posting to Instagram

(George Kunschman) #1

I see links to post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest but did not find one for Instagram. All replies are appreciated…

(Pete Fitzgetald) #2

Good question …anyone?

(Benjamin Theyr) #3

Instagram developers created instagram for the soul purpose of allowing members to send and view images from their smart devices. Thus there’s no option to allow “blog” post to be forward to instagram or images from blog post to be forward in the same manor. In other words, this is what set Instagram apart from all the rest. The only way to post ones image to instagram is in the typical fashion, Once this has been accomplished, take a moment to add a description to the post with the redirect here. otherwise, do not look for an instagram integration any time soon.

(George Kunschman) #4

Thank you for the reply.

(Benjamin Theyr) #5

Hope my reply wasn’t too harsh as it is what it is… Just one of those integrations that instagram creators didn’t want to have happen.

Instagram = Pictures / Small text
Facebook = All text / Images
Twitter = Pictures / Small text
Reddit = Crude text with Minimal Pictures

At one point if I recall, opensource was attempting to create a one name login, which never pan out. The single name could have been sued to login to all social networks all at one time.

(Ram Ya) #6

George, do you mean sharing your posts to Instagram? They do not make their post API available to public or other sites. So at the moment no one can share to instagram programmatically. So the only way to post to IG is via their app.

If you are asking about linking to IG from your PhotoBlog profile, I’ll be adding this function soon.


(George Kunschman) #7

Thanks for your answer. I found a way to do from my laptop. Some steps but it won’t kill me.