Query about ordering of posts

(Paul Moreau) #1

Hi - relative newbie here and hoping you can help me with a query. I am writing a two-part post and would like Part 1 to appear before Part 2 within the specific category. Can this order be changed or is it purely date based. Maybe I just need to post Part 2 first? Any help appreciated.

(I did search but no luck…)



(Russell Smith) #2

I am not aware of a way to change things but as far as I am aware the default sorting (for a lack of better terms) is by date. Outside of posting part 2 first and a bit later posting part 1 . You could post part one and then two . Then embed a link to part one if someone misses part one.

(Paul Moreau) #3

Thanks Russell. This was what I thought when I explored the options too. Not a massive deal but thought it worth checking if I was missing something obvious. Cheers, Paul