Question about Editor's category

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #1

Can someone tell me what this category is for on the blog? And, is there a place I can find how to add hyper links to a post or reference a previous post I made? Many thanks!

Love this site!!

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #2

I was able this morning to figure out how to add a hyper link! I am so loving this blog site!!

(Sydney Solomon) #3

Luann…you are not alone in your frustration…I have asked the question for a long time about the link issue. It should be a simple process, but its not on this site. It is a shame, because this is a very good site in general.

(Sydney Solomon) #4

Luann, perhaps you can itemise what you did to get your links working.

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #5

Yes, this is a great site, Sydney. Thanks for the reply it helps to know I am not alone. We will just stay patient knowing it will work itself out. Have a great day my friend!!

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #6

I’d be happy to itemize those steps, Sydney! Here is what I did.

  • I typed the text in my document, as an example: Here is the link to the video

  • I then went to the site for the video I was sharing and highlighted the link at the top of my google search window

  • I went back to my Photoblog and highlighted the text on my Photoblog document, I clicked on the chain symbol in the pop-up window which is to the right of the “I” for italics. Paste the copied link in the box and press enter

  • Done!

I have found if you share a YouTube link you have to use the SHARE button from within YouTube to get their sharable link. Copying the window link in the Google address bar doesn’t work in this type of instance.

(Sydney Solomon) #7

Hi Luann…one question, about your 3rd point, what part of the text in your document did u highlight before you pasted the URL address?

(Lu Ann Thatcher) #8

Sure. You can type anything you want to lead the viewer to a hyper-link. As an example, CLICK HERE to go to the link. I would highlight the words, “CLICK HERE” but you could use any phrase you like.

(Laurie Madsen) #9

I tried the same method (several times) and it doesn’t activate my text into a hyperlink

(Miluskaya -) #10

Hello! I would also like make “clickable links” in my publications. In html or with a editor (like in this forum for example). If you have a solution… :partying_face:

(Laurie Madsen) #11

Try the method above, then when you paste the link in the box that opens up for url, hit the enter key on your keyboard and it should activate the hyperlink.
Please note that this did not work for me while using chrome browser, so I switched to IE browser and it did work. Coincidence? not sure.

(Miluskaya -) #12

I have no pop up window… I tried Chrome, Samsung browser and firefox (in a tablet)…

(Laurie Madsen) #13

If you are writing text that you want to make into a link-
Highlight the text
a little black box will appear above it
paste the link into the little black box
press enter on your keyboard
continue writing your blog
when you post your blog-the highlighted text should be in red and be a hyperlink.
It would not function for me in Chrome, but works perfectly in IExplorer
Let me know if you have issues and I’ll try to help.