Question about Posting

(Marsha) #1

Hi all! What am I doing wrong? Don’t think I’m clear about the steps for posting. It seems when I type text, the photo icon disappears and won’t come back and if I post the photo first, I can’t type in text. BTW, I like my text above the photo.

Also, how much is a Pro account and what are the benefits?

Thanks for your help,

(Deli Tlb) #2

Hey Marsha :slight_smile: I was confused about the same thing at first when i was posting my first story. So basically it’s up to you if you want write to type first or put pic first. In case of adding pic after text ,all you have to do is when you are done just click the “Enter” button to go to the next paragraph and you will see the photo icon will appear(you can choose to upload one or continue typing). If you post the pic first,click on the caption part and then the “Enter” button again and you are good to go :slight_smile: Hope this helped!

(Marsha) #3

Hi, Deli Tlb, thanks a bunch for taking time to explain - really appreciate! I’ll try your suggestion out next time I post…wish me luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Deli Tlb) #4

No worries! Anytime :slight_smile:

(Marsha) #5

Now I feel really dumb, lol, just needed that one little step, click enter…worked like a charm and thanks again! :smile:

(Ram Ya) #6

Hi Marsha,

Pro accounts currently have up to 30 photos per post (free users only 10).

Your account is a ‘veteran’ account :slight_smile: When we introduced the new site, I did not want to pressure old users into upgrading. So I kept those veteran accounts pretty much similar in features to pro. However, I appreciate all the old members who upgraded. I know most upgraded just to support the site.

One more pro feature is the watermark, where we automatically add a watermark to all your photos if you choose to enable it.

p.s. @delloosh thanks for answering the photo icon question. You did better than I would’ve!

(Deli Tlb) #7

@canon6d haha no worries :smile:

(Sigrid Strohschneider-Laue) #8

Off topic answer to Ram’s information, because it just fit’s in and I wanted to write it for a while:

I don’t regret my recent upgrade to pro, there are some nice benefits especially the possibility to schedule posts! I also appreciated very much the “one year veteran status”, which I recognized as such, because of the changes and updates.
Thank you very much! :bouquet:

I upgraded to pro for selfish reasons, Ram, but you may happily call it “support” too.
I thought, if I use something for free for a year, and I’m happy with it, I should pay for this past year - it would be only fair. It’s similar to policies of some companies “use it first and pay later”. :moneybag:

I proudly want to point out something different too: my English is not perfect (only very few proper lessons), but at least less lousy than last year - at least I hope so. I like to think, it’s another benefit to post regulary on photoblog! :wink:

(Benjamin Theyr) #9

Speaking of Upgrading, I would like to see upon occasion, an upgrade giveaway or “buy a friend” an upgraded account for those of us whom are to cheap to afford it…

(Ram Ya) #10

Thanks for the suggestion, benjamin. I will consider it.