Quick 24 Hours Challenge

(Benjamin Theyr) #1

With the eventuality that the wife and I are heading out this weekend, I wanted to create a quick 24 hour challenge to anyone wanting tot take part in this.

The objective of this challenge is to travel to another state that has an apple orchard and a candy store. Not both in the same location, but bonus points for those whom can find a orchard & candy store at the same location.

The idea is to take random photographs of the orchard and candy displays, then post them here for critique. However, theres on slight stipulation to this challenge, anyone posting images before 3:00 PM est Sat Oct 13th will be disqualified.

Seeing how this is a random quick challenge, In the future I may offer winner of these challenges prizes. Also, get involved early as those whom take part in the challenge are responsible for selecting the winners. However, Seeing how I’m the one creating this challenge, I’ll have the final say as to whom the winner or winner will be.

If this is something you would like to take part in in the future, Submit prize suggestion to me for the next challenge giveaway.

Good Luck & time starts… Now.

(Benjamin Theyr) #2

Welp, here’s how it went on this quick challenge I created yesterday. The morning wasn’t pleasant as it continue to rain throughout the day. I hate gray days as I just don’t see anything useful to take pictures of, then there’s the fact that the old FujiFilm XP camera’s battery keeps failing or losing charge. Lastly, although we made it to the Apple orchard, the candy store a few hours away wasn’t open. So yes even I filed this challenge…

But wait theirs more, before we leave to PA yesterday morning, I sent several emails to a number of camera component manufactures, people like Lowepro, SanDisk etc asking if they would be willing to contribute small items for them photo challenges. All returned emails suggested that these companies are willing to participate, but they forward my comments to their marketing department. So maybe I did win my own photo challenge… we’ll just have to find out how soon these companies will respond to my emails.

(Ram Ya) #3

Thanks for the update and this initiative @benjamintheyrphotogr. What if we create some quick challenges like this that a majority can participate. I read your contest yesterday but it was almost impossible for me to attempt with my schedule. What if we do something that everyone can attempt with 30 minutes or less effort?

It would be a challenge to come up with such ideas, I am sure… but I am eager to participate in something like this :slight_smile:

(Benjamin Theyr) #4

The only reason I create this challenge was that I knew we were driving to PA this weekend… Sure it would be difficult and even I failed my own challenge as the elements didn’t cooperate. The point is, having a reason to get others involved and allowing manufactures to offer small items for the PH effort. I mean there may even come a time when I have something to offer anyone taking part in my challenges.